An easy to use open source video server with fancy user interface and FFmpeg API for free video streaming

Multi Streaming

Stream video live to any video platform in the universe or your website!

Easy Configuration

Wizard helps to configurate for complex settings in everyday work.

No License Costs

Restreamer ist open-source software and free for private and commercial use.


Multiarch CPU and GPU! The Restreamer Docker image is easy to install and runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows, as well as on Raspberry Pi and single-board computers. The configuration is straightforward with a few simple steps. Finally, a live stream is ready in a minute for websites, an external streaming service, social networks, YouTube, or directly on the finished internal micro page!

docker run -d --restart=always --name restreamer \ -p 8080:8080 -p 8181:8181 -p 1935:1935 --privileged \ datarhei/restreamer:latest
--privileged to allow access to connected devices on the host system.



The Restreamer is an entire streaming server solution for self-hosting. Upload your live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, or other streaming solutions like Wowza. Receive video data from OBS and publish it with the internal RTMP server. The pretty and straightforward user interface is fun to use and easy to understand. Beginners are supported by assistance and test systems and immediately find their way around the complexity of a video server. Professionals appreciate the fast and spontaneous configuration options for complex settings of the applications in everyday work. In addition, the Bandwidth limitation helps calculate the traffic costs to reduce financial and technical risks. It is GDPR compliant without third-party providers and no saving audience data. 100 % control over the video data at any time. And the best thing is that Restreamer is open-source software, has no ongoing license costs, and is free for private and commercial use!
Shows the Restreamer UI landingpage.

Clean User Interface

The Restreamer offers a simplified admin panel for streaming server newcomers or for users for whom the range of functions of a streaming server is simply too large. The GUI has a clear menu navigation, but also a start screen level with the most important elements. Direct feedback in the user interface with error descriptions speeds up configuration and avoids misconfigurations. In addition, the expert mode extends the range of functions to meet the requirements of professionals.
Multiple channels
Build-in video player
Stream statistics
Viewer statistics
Bandwidth information
System monitoring
Publication website
Output control
Expert mode

Multiple Video Sources

The Restreamer can manage various video sources from USB, network, or virtual. In addition, the built-in RTMP server processes video signals from external software such as OBS or hardware video encoders from Blackmagic and Elgato. Finally, as an absolute highlight, Restreamer supports low latency video with an internal SRT server.
IP Camera
USB Camera
Video Software
Hardware Encoder
Shows the setup of a video source.
Shows a selection of possible video targets.

Multi Streaming

With Publication Services, the Restreamer can stream video anywhere. There are many modules available for popular video platforms and social networks. The various video protocols support transmission to broadcast stations, video software, or hardware. In addition, integrating video over a fully documented API allows video streams in your applications with the simplest means without extensive software development.
Social media
Ant Media

Open-Source Video-Player

Video.js is the default player in the Restreamer and a free, open-source web player used by professionals worldwide. It supports HTML5 video and all modern streaming formats. Many HLS players, such as JW Player, Bitmovin, Clappr, or the Theo Player, can be used in the Restreamer. As a unique feature, the datarhei Restreamer exclusive CC plugin is ready to publish a license directly in the video stream, granting the public various usage rights to the work.
Creative Commons license
IMA plugin
CSS styling
Open-source libary
Shows the configurator for the video player.
Shows the many setting options and the process details.

Tons of functions

The Restreamer contains many neat functions that make everyday streaming easier and significantly expand the application possibilities of the program. Log files help analyze errors, monitor proper operation, or improve systems. In addition, log files obtain information about video processing. The data can adapt and optimize the video stream.
Multi language
Wizard system
Debug report
System logging
Refferer banlist
Expert mode
Mux audio
Video snapshot
HTTPS Let's Encrypt
User limitation
Bandwith control
RTMP security token
Storrage support
GPU encoding
RTMP server
SRT server
RTSP server


Username: admin Password: demo


Restreamer Interface Screens
datarhei Restreamer is the central interface for mapping AV processes. It is responsible for the design and management and provides all necessary interfaces to access the video content. The control for FFmpeg can keep all used functions reliable and executable without the need for software developers to take care of it. In addition, process and resource limitation for all FFmpeg processes protects the host system from application overload. The overall system gives direct access to current process values (CPU, RAM) and complete control of system resources and system load with statistical access to process data and current and historical logs.


Network Video
USB video device
Linux (MacOS, Windows with Docker Desktop/Linux-Virtualization)
Raspberry Pi camera module
Raspberry Pi3 and later
The datarhei Restreamer is a complete streaming server solution for self-hosting and offers smart free video streaming in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Restreamer is a complete streaming server solution to host yourself. Upload your live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo, or other streaming solutions like Wowza. Receive video from OBS and publish it via the internal RTMP server. A visually appealing user interface, no ongoing licensing costs. Complete control over video data at all times. Bandwidth limitation helps calculate traffic costs to reduce financial and technical risks. It is GDPR compliant with no third-party providers and no storage of viewer data. The Restreamer Docker image is easy to install. It runs on Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and single-board computers. Beginners are supported by help and test systems and immediately find their way around the complexity of a video server. Professionals appreciate the fast and spontaneous configuration options for complex settings of applications in everyday work.

We recommend our official Docker image for a fast and secure installation. Once Docker is running on the host, the chances of using the Restreamer are excellent. The Docker Engine is available on various Linux platforms, macOS, and Windows 10 via Docker Desktop and as a static binary installation.

We have a set of minimum requirements to receive official support from our team. These requirements are necessary for us to access essential system information, provide an SLA, answer questions, or give a solution to the problem. We cover only installations that meet these minimum requirements by our SLAs and paid support policy. It is necessary to use our official Docker images. It avoids issues due to missing, outdated, or mismatched dependencies, specific operating system issues, or issues with manual installations.

The configuration via the graphical user interface in a browser is easy. Then, without any experience, a wizard helps you create a new video source. Then, the video signal is live via the integrated publication service in just a few steps, e.g., on YouTube, on the internal player page, or your website.

It is installed and started on the host system in a few seconds. The graphical user interface is immediately ready for the first login.

Prerequisites are a host system with Docker, an internet line for the Docker pull, and a browser.

Suppose there is a perfect streaming server for the popular single-board computer Raspberry Pi. In that case, it is the datarhei Restreamer! We recommend a Raspberry Pi 4. It works from the Raspberry Pi 2 and on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Due to the onboard GPU, the Raspi 4 is best suited for video streaming with a video streaming server. There are, of course, many other great single board computers like ODROID, pine64, the Hummingboard, and many, many more. The necessary system requirements are straightforward. Once Docker is working, you will be able to install the datarhei Restreamer and use it for live streaming. You can find the requirements in the Docs.

The datarhei Restreamer streaming server consists of a few arranged modules. There are three main components: input signal, processing, output, all with various system settings. The main screen always displays the current video channel with telemetry data in real-time.

It is possible to use live video streaming in real-time on websites and social media platforms without an additional streaming provider for video hosting – all without monthly license costs for streaming software or the required bandwidth. The datarhei Restreamer is a modern open-source video streaming platform that anyone can install. Videos from webcams to professional television programs can be reliably transmitted live without a video hoster. datarhei helps private and professional video creators to stream more efficiently. The Restreamer is a simple but powerful video streaming server. The fully documented API allows for software development. Therefore, it is straightforward to adapt to any project.

Whenever live and video is a requirement, streaming servers are needed. The output is then referred to as a live stream. Streaming servers are designed to broadcast videos to large audiences. A streaming server is very similar to a web server, except that websites are not delivered but videos. It is also usable for video clips (VoD). The streaming server datarhei Restreamer is a frontend module for the datarhei Core. The Core is written in Go and can easily be integrated by software developers into programs or administrators into system landscapes to fulfill its part in transporting the video data. Use is free for personal and commercial applications.

datarhei Core and the Restreamer are open-source software. The source code is available on the GitHub software platform. Software developers can make adjustments or add their modules. FOSS GmbH from Switzerland is behind the software. Because we know our software best, we can provide support for enterprise applications.

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